JAY WHITE is an entrepreneur at heart with a plethora of gifts and talents that he’s been able to merge into a viable lifestyle.  Jay not only inspires others domestically to tap into their gifts and talents but also travels the world as a life coach.  Jay does everything from writing and directing movies, commercials, and videos to performing as an artists that combines spoken word and tap dance.  Jay has a publishing company and to date has published eight books with three more in the works.  Jay has a haberdashery line (DESTINYBRANDSLLC.COM), his own line of fine wine (UNCOMMON) and most recently released a fragrance line (EMBRACE).  Jay is the owner of the world famous 640 West Community Cafe (640westatl.com) headquartered in Historic West End Atlanta, Georgia but his proudest accomplishment is helping young boys to transition into becoming men through his organization (NOG - [NATION OF GENTLEMEN]).

JAY travels the world encouraging and motivating audiences to live the God life meant for them.  He has performed his poetry and tap dancing in Ghana, Thailand, China, Dubai, St. Thomas, Johannesburg, Cape Town South Africa, and Brazil.  As a part of Jay's ministry, he teaches tap to kids wherever he goes in an effort to plant the seed of a skill set that can quite possibly provide opportunities for young people to travel the world, meet new people and earn a great living. In the words of Jay, "If I can learn via the internet how to tap, sew, and write books.....anybody can learn their craft.  The tools are available if you have internet.  The question is.... Will you be dedicated, determined and disciplined to reach for your Destiny?"

Photographer: Zarian Hadley

Musician: Jay The Dreamer

Location: City Of Refuge - Los Angeles, California


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